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Commercial Painting, Brea, CA

Looks and aesthetics may not always be definitory to who we are, but they are definitory to how others perceive us. If your business doesn’t afford to hope for a second, better impression, working with a commercial painting company, a licensed painting contractor, in particular, is mandatory! If interested, Sun Professional Painting Company can send you a commercial building painter as early as today.

Top 3 things that Sun Professional Painting Company can guarantee you:

Following the suggestions of our licensed painting contractor and signing the contract with our commercial painting company will bring you many benefits, but the most important ones are, by far:

  1. The best quality workmanship;
  2. The most solid and fair estimates;
  3. The most convenient working schedule.

The commercial building painter that we will assign you will take care of all that!

The 3 steps process of our licensed painting contractor:

Since 1994, our commercial painting company has been handling thousands of different projects and that’s how the Sun Professional Painting Company came to a simple, straightforward process for any of the interior or exterior work you need. Following the free consultation from our commercial building painter, you will receive a thorough, written project plan that will detail you the:

  1. Protection phase – where we cover everything that isn’t supposed to get painted;
  2. Preparation phase – when we clear surfaces, remove rust, loose paint and set up a smooth foundation;
  3. Application phase – when we add siliconized caulking (against moisture) and rust-resistant primers as well as industrial finishes and oil primers, depending on surfaces.

The only 3 things you need to do to work with our commercial painting company:

Sun Professional Painting Company can help you completely revamp your business starting from the simplest renovation tasks. To enjoy the entire above, you just need to:

  1. Reach out to our licensed painting contractor;
  2. Meet your designated commercial building painter;
  3. Sign the contract we will be sending you shortly after our initial meeting.

After all, we do all the hard work while you continue working at your business!

About the Brea, CA

One of the many cities in the Orange County, Brea, CA is located 22 miles away from LA and 29 miles from San Bernardino. Founded just south from the canyon with the same name, with origins dating back as early as the beginning of the 19th century, the city of Brea, CA has a long, rich history. Speaking or rich, the Sunset Magazine ranked it in 2006 within the top 5 best cities in the Western US according to the general living standards – not bad at all, considering that Brea, CA measures only 12 square miles…

The city of Brea, CA had, however, a great start from the very beginning. Its name means oil in Spanish and there is a certain connection to the history of this community of living from oil extraction. Together with the oranges crops that followed the crude oil production, Brea, CA progressed and continues to do so until these days. The focus, however, is now on retail, with the famous Brea, CA Mall being one of the biggest retail centers in the county.