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Residential Interior Painting

One of our unrivaled color consultant professionals will advise you of their recommendations

Residential Exterior Painting

A home’s character is often judged by how it looks from the outside. If you are selling, wish to give

Screen Doors

Retractable front door screens, retractable french door screens, motorized power garage door screens & motorized power patio screens and shades

Commercial Int & Ext Painting

As professional Commercial Painting Contractors with years of experience. we know

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets that are repainted or refinished do wonders for your mood


Hardwood Floors, Porcelain Floors, Laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Natural Stone Floors, Marble Floors, Travertine Floors.

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete & Garage Floors Painting, Coating & Storage System.

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Interior & Exterior House Painters Near Me in Claremont, CA. Professional painters specialize in houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, commercial and industrial properties.

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Commercial & House Painting Company In Claremont, CA

To most people, painting can be painful. It’s hard, it’s messy, and it sure doesn’t make you feel comfortable if you don’t really know what you’re doing. With the Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company, however, you can forget about all that. Our highly skilled, professional house painters and our versatile house painting contractors can get you rid of the renovation stress in anything between 3 to 5 days, even less, depending on the particularities of your project.

Check out our custom services Claremont, CA 91711 dedicated and see what an expert commercial and residential painter can do for you. Better yet, let us know that you need our assistance and we will assign you a personal exterior and interior painter to talk to.

We are industry experts, we have a great customer service, we work really fast and totally transparent. Would you like to know more?

The best professional house painters in town

We’ve been serving Claremont, CA and its residents for long enough to build ourselves the reputation of the best house painting contractors, through our hard work and the commitment to offering our customers 100% satisfaction.

We encourage you to contact the customer support representatives of Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company because this is the only way to convince yourself of what we can really do for you. From the initial talk with an exterior and interior painter to the closing of the on-site work, where you come with the commercial and residential painter in charge of the site to make a final inspection, we will do our best to make all your wishes turn into reality.

How fast can our house painting contractors work?

It only depends on how fast you apply for a free consultation from us. That’s because the process goes like this:

  1. You call and talk with our professional house painters over the phone or you apply online;
  2. We set up a first meeting with your dedicated commercial and residential painter to your soonest convenience;
  3. We get back to the office and craft you a detailed painting project plan that you will receive in writing, and we wait for your approval;
  4. As soon as you approve with our specified terms, action plan, and project completion date, we bring our entire team and start working with 100% flexibility to your schedule.

As you can see, it is you who decides how fast we can start working. Reach out to the Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company, meet with an exterior and interior painter, and we will take it from there.

Any costs you can expect for meeting our commercial and residential painter?

The policy of Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company also relies on full transparency. So, we can tell you from the very beginning that all our services in Claremont, CA start with a free estimation. The action plan that we will put together after meeting with you and discussing all the aspects will also inform you about the estimated costs of the paint materials and labor.

The only extra costs that may occur will relate to the condition of your property as it will be revealed when we start to take off the old paint. Should we discover that the woodwork underneath the paint requires extra work, our professional house painters will let you know right away and come up with a separate offer for this particular situation.

Nevertheless, our house painting contractors are experienced and skillful enough to anticipate such possibilities and you will be informed as soon as the situation requires it. The exterior and interior painter in charge will maintain the communication with you throughout the entire period of the contract!

About the Claremont, CA

Approximately 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the Claremont, CA city thrives as an affluent college area of almost 13.5 square miles. Right at the hem of the San Gabriel Mountains, the settlement has a long history, with its official incorporation dating back since 1907.

In 2007, the Money magazine declared Claremont, CA as the fifth-best place to live in the entire United States and, of course, the best in California. What’s so special about this city with simple, tree-lined streets, historic higher-education colleges and buildings?

As a primarily residential settlement, the city of Claremont, CA revolves around the so-called Village. A quaint downtown, with a jigsaw puzzle of restaurants and shops, it is always full of the nearby college students, though always surprisingly relaxed.

But precisely because it is a college town, the opportunities that locals and tourists have around here are extremely tempting. And when you’ve had enough of the cheap eateries or the myriad of fast foods, you can easily head to the more upscale, fancier restaurants. Those who make it to Claremont, CA, however, don’t just stick to eating and going out. A visit to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens or a stroll through all the five campuses from the city, all interconnected, are just a couple of the things you really need to do around here.