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Residential Interior Painting

One of our unrivaled color consultant professionals will advise you of their recommendations

Residential Exterior Painting

A home’s character is often judged by how it looks from the outside. If you are selling, wish to give

Screen Doors

Retractable front door screens, retractable french door screens, motorized power garage door screens & motorized power patio screens and shades

Commercial Int & Ext Painting

As professional Commercial Painting Contractors with years of experience. we know

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets that are repainted or refinished do wonders for your mood


Hardwood Floors, Porcelain Floors, Laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Natural Stone Floors, Marble Floors, Travertine Floors.

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete & Garage Floors Painting, Coating & Storage System.

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Interior & Exterior House Painters Near Me in Rowland Heights, CA. Professional painters specialize in houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, commercial and industrial properties.

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Commercial & House Painting Company In Rowland Heights, CA

When it comes to the way a property looks and feels, but also to how it is perceived and evaluated on the market, sometimes, a couple of small adjustments and improvements can go a long way and make a consistent difference as an outer makeover. With Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company you can enjoy that makeover for the most competitive local prices. If you haven’t checked our website serving Rowland Heights, CA 91748 with interior and exterior design services, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

We have an amazing team of talented and professional house painters ready to serve you around the clock and finish the work in under a week. The house painting contractors that we will get you on site are nothing like any other commercial and residential painter you’ve seen around here.

What’s so special about the exterior and interior painter that you will work with, you wonder?

WHY Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company:

  • We are trustworthy and you can rest assured, our professional house painters will advise you accordingly but respect your desires entirely;
  • We have a knack for colors and attention to details – when our house painting contractors will finish their work, it will take you weeks until you will be able to discover all the design and painting elements that they have graciously inserted in the overall design;
  • We communicate perfectly – you will have your own designated exterior and interior painter to ensure the communication with the rest of the team;
  • We offer free consultation and inspection, to begin with, and end with offering you the most competitive commercial and residential painter rates for top-notch servicing in Rowland Heights, CA.

Need a color consultant to give you the right direction?

Minor interior design adjustments or major exterior renovations? To Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company is nothing is just a makeover, which is why we always begin our on-site evaluation in the presence of an experienced professional who will:

  • Listen to everything you have to say;
  • Ask you questions regarding your particular needs;
  • And give you a sharp but objective opinion on the most suitable color scheme.

Starting from the considerations of this exterior and interior painter, we will make you an extensive offer and prepare our professional house painters for immediate intervention. The moment you agree with our house painting contractors’ action plan, the commercial and residential painter will come by, at your earliest convenience, and start setting up the site.

Are you ready to invite us over?

It is, after all, a free of charge service. Sun Pro Flooring, Cabinets and Painting Company values your time and our commercial and residential painter in charge will set up a meeting with you so we can start making the entire above your reality of painting services in Rowland Heights, CA.

Use the online form or the toll-free call number and one of the professional house painters on call will take your application. Suffices to provide us with some contact details, your address, and a few words describing your intentions with this renovation work. Whatever your plans may be, we have just the right exterior and interior painter to make it happen.

Get a quote for your job today and you will have our house painting contractors at your door, ready to start, by tomorrow!

About the Rowland Heights, CA

Spread on 13 square miles, Rowland Heights, CA is not a city, but rather an unincorporated community from the San Gabriel Valley in the LA County. Once upon a time a small settlement whose locals were growing pigs and, later on, cultivating oranges, today everything was completely transformed around here.

The 60 freeway connecting this area with other cities from the western boundary played a major role in the evolution of Rowland Heights, CA. On one hand, it allowed the working class from the neighborhood to migrate here as soon as the working opportunities expanded and, on the other hand, it has brought and continues to bring numerous people from the extended Los Angeles area, even if just for fun, travelling, and exploring new frontiers.

Proof that Rowland Heights, CA is doing better and better, the area enjoys consistent industrial investments and the housing prices have skyrocketed here for the past years. With still a long way ahead until becoming a major tourist attraction of the San Gabriel Valley, Rowland Heights, CA is constantly changing and the Asian population that can be found here – surprise, surprise – is certainly adding an exotic touch. It starts with the local cuisine that embraces new forms, but who knows where will it lead, eventually…